NCAEOP Membership

No other North Carolina educational association makes itself so readily accessible to a single professional class of individuals who cover the complete spectrum of education. Membership is open to educational office personnel and administrators in public and private educational systems throughout North Carolina. If you would like the opportunity to network and gain valuable friendships, join us! If you would like to make a difference in your profession, join us!

The Association is divided into fourteen districts. For more information see our map and listing of county and city school districts served by NCAEOP.

NCAEOP is your professional association. A giant step toward professionalism can be made by completing the membership form on our web site. Membership in NCAEOP offers a number of benefits to members, ranging from opportunities for professional certification and growth to educational scholarships and insurance. Additionally, we work to promote salaries and input in all education related issues within the state legislature.

Join us now and begin to enjoy the benefits of belonging to an organization that cares about you!

Fill out and mail the membership form below to the address listed on the form and at the bottom of this page. Information about dues is contained in the form. Check out the brochure linked below for more information.

Membership Rewards

Membership rewards for 2018-2019 – must show membership card:
TRS will give a 10% discount on purchases in the store at TSR Ladies Apparel, Greensboro, NC (coupons cannot be used with the discount; the larger discount will be honored)

Benefits and Services

  • Reasonable dues
  • Professional Standards (certificate) Program for personal and professional development
  • $2,000 accidental death and dismemberment policy, up to age 70 (included with membership)
  • $1,000 life insurance policy regardless of age (included with membership)
  • Strong legislative platform to promote salaries and input in all education related issues
  • Scholarship program for educational office professionals and students
  • Awards program for EOP of the Year, Administrator of the Year and Local Unit of the Year; and Membership Recruitment Awards, including FREE memberships
  • Four issues of NCAEOP award winning newsletters and an annual report
  • Annual state conference offering quality in-service workshops and professional development
  • Local, district, state and national meetings of educational office professionals
  • Field service visits/workshops available to units desiring to organize a local association

Membership Classifications

  • Active: Office Personnel in any educational system or organization concerned with education in North Carolina.
  • Associate: Former active member who have entered other fields of endeavor or educational administrators.
  • Retired: Former active or associate member who have retired.
  • New: (any classification) Members paying dues for the current year who have never paid dues or who missed paying dues for the year just prior to the current. A new member is NOT subject to a late fee.
  • Renewal: (any classification) Members paying dues for the current year who paid dues for the year immediately preceding current year. A member paying renewal dues after the January 1 deadline is subject to a $10 late fee.

Cherri Johnston
Membership Recorder

Tammy McCoy
Membership Chair