2021 Annual Conference

Thank you for participating in the NCAEOP conference this year! While it was not the same as being in person, it was nice to be able to connect virtually. The breakouts provided covered a variety of topics and each presenter was excellent. Thank you to each person in the districts who provided our entertainment and those who helped with what was “necessary requirements” for our Annual Conference. We certainly hope that despite technical difficulties and hiccups experienced by some, the overall conference was satisfactory. If it was not to your liking, please forgive us, and we shall try for better our next opportunity. The platform used for conference is to be available for 14 days, in which you can view ALL the conference sessions for PSP credit. I received notification on yesterday that the workshops will be posted TODAY. The General Sessions are taking a bit longer, due to staff shortages. I have no idea how long that will take. I, like you, hope for the sooner, rather than the later. I have requested that the clock not start until after everything is posted, but I am not certain that will happen.

I will send out another notification as soon as the remaining sessions are available.

PSP Credit

I have been provided a list of each conference session. Each time you accessed the platform
and the sessions, it dated and time-stamped your login. This will be used to award PSP credits. Attached is a PSP verification form. Please complete, SIGN it, and return it to me AFTER you have viewed the sessions missed and if you wish to submit for your credit. THIS IS A NEW PROCESS FOR US ALL. Please be patient while we tread uncharted waters. You will receive every PSP credit you are entitled to receive. Returning the PSP verification form will assist us. Certificates will be emailed after the April 15 deadline and the necessary information provided to Donna Tapp, PSP Registrar. You will not be able to claim any PSP credits for the 70th Annual Conference after April 15. 

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Kind regards,

Linda Mathis, CEOE, Conference Coordinator, 1997-1998 Past President