Welcome to the North Carolina Association of Educational Office Professionals, Inc. (NCAEOP) website. NCAEOP is a wonderful organization of around 1,000 members of which I am honored to serve. We are a non-profit association that provides professional growth opportunities, leadership and service for employees in education through a specifically designed certification program, quality training, a network for sharing information and ideas, recognition of achievements and fellowship. NCAEOP, Inc., is made up of fourteen districts in North Carolina. At least one district meeting with in-service training is held each year in addition to local unit meetings. Officers and committees work together to allow members to be involved in the decision-making of the Association at the local, district and state levels. Membership is open to educational office personnel and administrators within the educational system (public and private) in North Carolina. I invite you to join our membership if you have not taken part in the experience yet and I encourage members to renew.

How do I even begin to tell you how much it means to me to serve as your President for 2024-2025? I am honored that my journey with Educational Office Professionals has led me to this amazing destination. I chose to expand my mind and allow my skills, integrity and service to take flight into a world of endless possibilities. From the first moment that I joined NCAEOP, I was drawn to the exceptional leadership of wonderful professionals. I felt a strong desire to be like some of the most experienced and caring mentors I have had the opportunity to know. NCAEOP is more than an organized group of office professionals, but a powerful vision of what life can become when you pursue your dreams.

As I think back to the beginning of my growth in NCAEOP, I am reminded of how a simple decision to join could open the path to meaningful moments. With that being said, it brings me to my theme for 2024-2025 –  “NCAEOP: Expand Your Vision.” The dragonfly will symbolize the vision as a mascot.

A dragonfly is known to find the positive in all situations. It can comfortably change flight patterns in mid-air, going with the flow. When flexibility and a fresh perspective are needed, we can follow the dragonfly’s example. Soar above and remember to take in the big picture. It can take months for them to transition from larva to adults as they focus on their growth. Take advantage of every second and do not delay in pursuing your dreams. Learn from the dragonfly’s example as we follow grace and adaptability. Their strength is also something to notice and emulate. Come up with creative ways to break through obstacles and reinvent your professional and personal life. Are you ready to transform your horizons? Are you being called to broaden your mind and consider expanding your vision? Let us find motivation, optimism and purpose as we move forward.

Susan Kelly Brown, CEOE
NCAEOP 2024-2025 President